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23 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia to visit

Tourism in Saudi Arabia may not have had that necessary momentum like other touristic countries, but that has become a thing of the past with the launch and activation of the tourist visa for Saudi Arabia, which makes it easier for foreigners to obtain it and enter the country for tourism.

Saudi may not rank high in the list of tourist countries in the world, but this does not mean that it is a country that is not worth visiting or does not contain what is worth seeing. On the contrary, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, like other countries, has wonderful and unusual attractions, but the difference lies in the state’s efforts to promote it globally, which the Kingdom has begun to take serious steps to change.

What can be asserted is that tourism in Saudi Arabia is a sector that will experience development and prosperity in the coming years, especially with Saudi Vision 2030, which aspires to make the Kingdom a country whose resources are not limited only to oil.

In this context, and for those who have the idea of ​​visiting the Kingdom, Lucire KSA magazine suggests the most beautiful and strange 20 tourist destinations worth visiting in this country rich in its heritage and civilization.

1. Wadi Lajab – Al Raith

This area is a rocky crevice in the middle of the water flowing in the northeast of Jizan city, and it serves as an ideal park for kayaking and swimming.

This area is visited by many vacationers from within the Kingdom, especially in summer, thanks to its picturesque nature and distinctive atmosphere. The rocky sides of the valley block the sun for the rest of the day, which allows vacationers to stay in the water for long periods.

2. Sharm Obhur – Jeddah

One of the most important tourist areas in Saudi Arabia is Sharm Obhur, which is located 30 kilometers from the city of Jeddah, or as it is called the Bride of the Red Sea.

This distinctive beach is located on the eastern side of the Red Sea and in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tourists flock to it in abundance in the summer as an excellent tourist destination.

Sharm Obhur offers its visitors moments of entertainment and relaxation through a variety of recreational activities such as snorkeling and sunbathing, without forgetting the wonderful sunset scene at this beach, do not miss the summer fun available in this place!

3. Touqi Valley

In the capital, Riyadh, there is one of the tourist attractions that Saudis are proud of. We are talking about Wadi Al-Toqi, which is the longest valley with beautiful nature of rocks and trees, especially acacia trees. Visits to this valley are at their peak in the spring and summer.

When the rain falls in this area, waterfalls increase the beauty of its scenery, but being there at that time is difficult because of its muddy environment, which is difficult to walk in.

4. Al Tanhat Gardens

For family sessions in the lap of nature, you will not find better than Al Tanhat gardens. It is located in the city of Riyadh, surrounded by the sands of Al-Dahna from the east, and many valleys pour into it, and it is considered one of the largest gardens.

The captivating nature of the Al-Tanhat garden is embodied in the acacia and sidr trees, and various types of flowers that make this place an outstanding spring destination.

5. Dumat Al-Jandal – Al-Jawf

Dumat Al-Jandal is among the most prominent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. It is a well-known northern tourist destination frequented by Saudis and foreigners.

This area includes many tourist sites, including Domat Al-Jandal Lake, which comes at the forefront of the attention of visitors to the region, as well as heritage sites belonging to the Islamic civilization that characterizes the Kingdom, such as the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque and its mosque, which is considered the first minarets in Islam.

When you arrive at Dumat Al-Jandal, don’t forget the archaeological Daraa neighborhood, whose mud houses and stone-paved lanes will impress you.

6. Faifa Mountains (Al-Faifa)- Jazan

One of the most beautiful views that your eyes can enjoy in Saudi Arabia is certainly the Faifa Mountains, especially for lovers of mountainous nature. The Faifa Mountains are located in the east of the Jazan region, and they are a group of mountains wrapped around each other.

If you are a fan of adventures and mountain climbing, you should not exclude this area from the list of areas that you intend to visit, it may appear to you at first glance as a pyramid of winding mountains, and this will push you more to discover its charm.

7. The Wahbah Crater – Taif

In the deserts of the Kingdom, there is one of the exciting scenes that may prepare you for the appearance of a meteorite that fell in the area, but this is not the case!

This region, the “crater of terror,” is the largest crater in the Middle East. It was formed by volcanic activity that led to an underground eruption that generated steam due to the contact of molten rock with groundwater and was previously characterized by volcanic activity.

8. Edge of the World – Riyadh

The Edge of the World, or “The View,” as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, frequented by the adventure of exceptional destinations, which, despite being unknown, are a tourist masterpiece worth seeing, especially in the fall and winter, because the summer is hot very.

This place is 90 km away from the capital Riyadh. It is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery. It should be noted that this place 50 million years ago was the bottom of a large sea that covered the Arabian Peninsula until the Levant.

9. The Ain Ancient Village – Al Baha

The heritage places that contain in all their details the fragrant past and history are what distinguishes tourism in Saudi Arabia, and among the oldest of these places is; The Ain Ancient Village, which is 400 years old.

The shape of the old houses and their beautiful monuments make the village a suitable place for lovers of exploring the masterpieces of history and heritage. The village has a spring of water located under the mountainside that does not stop throughout the year.

10. Nora’s Garden

Nora’s Garden that is located in the north of Riyadh is one of the areas that can be enjoyed in its picturesque natural surroundings. This garden is medium in size and is full of natural plants that delight the onlookers.

Large numbers of hikers flock to this garden, especially in the spring season, when nature is abundant.

11. The rock paintings in Hail

The rock paintings in Hail are one of the important archaeological sites that were registered in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The history of this archaeological site dates back to more than 10,000 years BC.

Archeology lovers will find their destination in this place and breathe the fragrance of world heritage with those rock drawings that tell of a history that is still in preservation and preservation.

12. Farasan Island – Jazan

The Farasan Islands enjoy high tourism potential that deserves more global spread than it is. It includes a group of 84 islands.

The Farasan Islands, about 50 kilometers from the city of Jazan, is characterized by coral reefs, strange freshwater cracks, snails, and turtles, in addition to fossilized marine organisms and others.

13. Al Habala Park – Asir

It is located in the city of Abha and is a wonderful tourist landmark where you can camp and have double fun in the lap of nature that adorns the park. It has all the facilities that will facilitate the visitor’s journey.

The Al Habala excavation that characterizes tourism in Saudi Arabia is punctuated by long vertical cuts in the mountains that will force you to take more than one picture of it.

14. Jabal Al-Lawz – Tabuk

Seeing snowfall in its most beautiful form is contained in Jabal Al-Lawz, located in the Tabuk region, located near the Jordanian border.

Jabal Al-Lawz wears a charming white suit in the winter and has many historical inscriptions, drawings, and symbols, and its land is characterized by fertility.

15. Al-Fara’a Park – Abha

There is more than one tourist area in Abha that provides comfort and fun, including Al-Fara’a Park, which is one of the most beautiful tourist parks in Abha, covering an area of ​​two hundred thousand square meters.

The park offers its visitors summer activities such as Egyptian circus acrobats, folklore, carnivals, children’s tent theater.

16. Masmak Palace – Riyadh

Al-Masmak Palace is a historical edifice that cannot be passed unnoticed due to its historical position. It is a built fortress located in the capital, Riyadh. It reflects the ancient history that reminds of the victory of the House of Saud in the battle that took place with the Al-Rasheed family and thanks to which they regained the city of Riyadh for their rule.

17. Al Souda Park – Abha

In the Asir region, this park is at the forefront of the areas frequented by visitors, located west of the city of Abha, and provides its visitors with an ideal family space to spend summer vacations and enjoy the natural atmosphere in the region.

When it rains, pictures of natural perfection are formed in waterfalls that capture the eye in the forests of Al-Souda.

18. Mada’in Saleh – Medina

Mada’in Saleh or Dar al-Hajar is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between Medina and Tabuk, where antiquities from the prehistoric period and other successive civilizations have been discovered that reflect their historical importance.

The site and its historical importance have been registered in the list of World Heritage Sites, this site is ideal for living a journey of discovery for an important and distinctive part of the history of the Kingdom.

19. Durrat Al Arous- Jeddah

The Bride of the Red Sea Jeddah pampers its visitors with its various tourist areas, especially the coastal ones. Durrat Al-Arous is one of these areas located in the north of Jeddah in the Dhahban region.

Durrat Al Arous overlooks the coast of the Red Sea and provides visitors with a variety of integrated life facilities and services, including; Possibility to own and live in its luxury residential units.

20. Riyadh Lake

Riyadh Lake is another of the tourist areas that Saudis visit for their entertainment. It has been equipped and prepared to answer the requirements of the population looking for as important tourist places and stature as a city like Riyadh.

21 Al-Ahsa Oasis

Al-Ahsa Oasis is one of the areas that is considered a firm representation of coexistence in the land of the Kingdom, where history testifies to the coexistence of religions on its land.

22. Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) Desert

A tour by car on the dunes and a tea session with relatives in an authentic Arab desert atmosphere, all this and more is provided to you by the Empty Quarter, which is the second-largest desert in the world.

23. Diriyah

The cradle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an important national symbol of the state, its tourism importance lies in its natural landscapes such as tributaries, reefs, and fertile lands.

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