20 Saudis celebrate founding day underwater

Twenty Saudis from the “Echo of the Deep” and “Let’s Go” teams performed the Saudi and under 30 feet in the Red Sea in Jeddah to commemorate the country’s founding day.

“Let’s dive,” said Captain Faisal Felimban, one of the participants and a member of the Saudi diving team.

He also claimed that the experience blended the thrill of diving, the joy of celebration, and the performance of the Saudi Ardah, in which 20 divers wore the Saudi uniform, which included the thobe, shemagh, and daqla.

He went on to say that they brought tambourines, raised the Saudi flag, and conducted the Saudi parade in the Red Sea at a depth of 30 feet.

He explained that diving without a tailored suit necessitates professionalism and a high level of skill, as each diver’s buoyancy, fin strokes, and weights are all different.

Felimban further stated that this project was carried out by their efforts as professional divers and that it took several weeks of rehearsals and equipment to complete this mission successfully.

The founding day is a celebratory national celebration in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its government, and its people commemorate the march of three centuries ago, as well as the events and situations that it commemorates in history books and biographies.

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