1886 Latest Collection Elevates Saudi Street Wear

The bustling realm of streetwear has witnessed a spectacular leap with 1886 latest collection, portraying an inventive fusion of modernity and tradition.

Founded by Fahad Al-Jomiah and Khalid Al-Jammaz, 1886 has swiftly ascended as a trailblazer in the Saudi fashion scene, redefining modern menswear in its latest line showcased at Riyadh Fashion Week.

The collection is a captivating ode to contemporary aesthetics, with oversized cargos, camo prints, and muted-toned shirts drawing inspiration from the construction scene, encapsulating the brand’s edgy yet elegant ethos​.

1886’s daring venture into the fashion frontier isn’t a fleeting endeavor; it’s a bold testament to the brand’s enduring commitment to innovation. This innovative spirit is evident in their collaboration with French brand Les (Art)ists, ushering a refreshing take on streetwear. Their Fall Winter collection, named 23.5°, delved into the rich tapestry of ancient Greek mythology, blending the old with the new to create a distinctive streetwear narrative​.

Since its inception in 2016, 1886 has been on a relentless pursuit of redefining streetwear, intertwining Saudi heritage with modern minimalism, and bold statements, thus giving birth to streetwear imbued with elegance and a unique character. This synthesis of heritage and modernity has propelled 1886 to the forefront of the streetwear domain, garnering a burgeoning community of aficionados both in Saudi and the UAE​.

Additionally, the brand’s prowess extends beyond mere fabric, embodying a philosophy that values the exploration of the human mind and its boundless creativity. This ethos is encapsulated in their tagline, “WE SEE THE FUTURE THROUGH OUR DESIGNS,” which underscores their continuous quest for novel designs, textiles, and technology, thus crafting a unique narrative in the streetwear landscape​.

Taking the streetwear experience a notch higher, 1886 recently unveiled an experiential pop-up at Mode Mall, Riyadh, dubbed City 86. This futuristic retail installation transcends conventional shopping experiences, immersing visitors in an airport-themed adventure laden with interactive zones, tech terminals, and a plethora of other innovative elements.

Moreover, the pop-up is a real-world manifestation of 1886’s fashion-forward vision, offering a tangible glimpse into the future of streetwear. As attendees navigate through the captivating installations, they discover the latest 1886 collection that seamlessly melds style with technology, making a bold statement on the evolving narrative of streetwear​.

The Saudi 1886 Streetwear brand’s latest collection is not merely a fashion statement; it’s an audacious endeavor that elevates casual wear to a realm where artistry, technology, and tradition converge, forging a new path in the ever-evolving streetwear saga.

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