147 Blood Donors Participate in Blood Donation Campaign


“Donate Your Wages to Them” campaign was launched in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by the Martyrs, Injured, and Prisoners’ Families’ Fund, in collaboration with the Third Health Cluster and the Watheen blood donation platform. The campaign has successfully attracted 147 blood donors since its inception.

This initiative demonstrates the commitment of individuals to contribute to the well-being of their community.

 Promoting Regular Blood Donations

One of the key challenges faced by healthcare facilities is recruiting regular blood donors who are willing to donate multiple times throughout the year.

The “Donate Your Wages to Them” campaign seeks to address this by encouraging individuals to make regular blood donations.

Regular blood donations are crucial for maintaining an adequate supply of blood, especially in emergency situations when the demand is high.

Ensuring Safety and Quality of Donated Blood

Stringent screening processes are in place to assess the eligibility of potential blood donors.

Donors are evaluated for various factors, including their medical history, lifestyle choices, and potential risk of transmitting infectious diseases. These measures help safeguard the integrity of the donated blood and protect the health of patients.

Advancements in Blood Donation Technology

To further enhance the blood donation process, ongoing research is being conducted on the use of Lower Carbon Aviation Fuel (LCAF) and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at the Red Sea International Airport.

This collaboration between Saudia, RSG, and daa International aims to explore environmentally friendly alternatives and reduce emissions from air travel associated with transporting blood supplies.

Blood donation is a vital and lifesaving process that relies on the generosity of donors.

The shift towards voluntary donors and initiatives like the “Donate Your Wages to Them” campaign in Riyadh demonstrates the importance of community involvement in maintaining an adequate supply of blood.

By promoting regular blood donations and ensuring the safety and quality of donated blood, healthcare facilities can continue to save lives and support those in need.


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