Saudi Health Official Says Corona Infections in KSA go down

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, Assistant Minister of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stated that protection begins a few days after the third dosage and peaks after two weeks, encouraging individuals to receive the vaccines.

In a press conference held on Sunday, Al-Abdali, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, added that the curve of corona infections in the Kingdom has been decreasing recently; noting that this is linked to a significant decrease in infection curves globally after it passed its peak over the past two weeks.

At the same time, Al-Abdali acknowledged that the globe is experiencing the greatest rate of case registration on a daily and weekly basis, as the world approaches 400 million cases, prompting certain governments to tighten preventative precautions and immunizations with the appropriate dosages and vaccines.

The drop in the Kingdom, according to the Saudi health official, is “the outcome of the rate of daily exams, which on some days reached hundreds of thousands, recording 7 times what it was a month or two ago from now.”

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