11 Saudi Designers Participate in ‘100 Saudi Brands’ Initiative in Paris

11 Saudi designers participated in the “100 Saudi Brands” initiative in a fashion show for the spring summer 2025 collections, in the French capital, Paris, reported Akhbaar 24.

They showcased exclusive designs for their brands.

CEO of the Fashion Commission, Burak Çakmak, explained that the men’s collections presented a new perspective on fashion, combining luxurious comfort with innovative designs. He added that this event is an embodiment of the young Saudi generation passionate about connecting with youth around the world through innovative and expressive fashion.

Influential figures from around the world attended the event.

The “100 Saudi Brands” initiative aims to support the development of the work of Saudi female and male designers in the world of fashion, by giving them the best tools to enhance the growth of their brands locally and internationally.

They can participate in advanced courses, workshops, and individual guidance sessions, in addition to development sessions.

Value of Fashion Industry in Saudi Arabia

The total value of the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia amounted to SAR 92.3 billion, SAR 46.9 billion of which was the value of the local fashion industry, revealed the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat) last May, reported Akhbaar 24.

The authority added in the “Monshaat Monitor” report for the first quarter of 2024, that the value of expenditure on imported brands in the fashion sector reached SAR 27.4 billion, leading to an increase in the expected cumulative growth of the fashion sector by 48% between 2021 and 2025.

The CEO of the Fashion Comission, Burak Cakmak, said that the future of fashion in the Kingdom will witness further progress and prosperity, at the hands of Kingdom’s designers and the visions of its entrepreneurs, leaving an impact on the global scene of the fashion industry.

The report displayed success stories of male and female entrepreneurs in the field, including Personage concept store, founded by Princess Deemah Bint Mansour Bin Saud, the founder and designer of Hindamme, Mohammed Khoja.

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