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10 Saudi regions adorned with murals of Arabic calligraphy in painting activities

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is organizing an event to draw murals with Arabic calligraphy in 10 regions in Saudi Arabia until next January.

This event is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and is part of the Ministry’s “Year of Arabic Calligraphy” initiative, which was launched as part of the Ministry’s Quality of Life Program, which is one of the programs aimed at achieving Saudi Vision 2030.

“Arar” is witnessing the launch

The event begins in the city of Arar in the northern border, and will continue for three consecutive days, and the first phase of it will conclude in the city of Abha in the Asir region.

The event will complete its second phase in September in Al-Baha, then Hail, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah (Al-Ula), Al-Ahsa, and then Jazan.

It also includes drawing a mural in each region with the participation of a calligrapher from the same region, and a graffiti artist in an open space.

Visitors from different segments of the local community also participate in the event, where they contribute their drawings and lines until the mural is completed.

Enhancing the presence of Arabic calligraphy

The event stems from the Ministry of Culture’s keenness to create activities in support of the “Year of Arabic Calligraphy” initiative that works to enhance the presence of Arabic calligraphy and its arts in society.

Arabic calligraphy is a symbol of Arab cultural identity, a source of inspiration for artists throughout history, and an essential element in the history of Arab civilization.

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