Zubaida Road Walkway Enhances Quality of Life in Rafha

“Zubaida” Road in Rafha Governorate in the Northern Border Region is one of the model projects that contribute to enhancing the quality of life and its lifestyles through its various services.

It also enhances interests of walking enthusiasts that contribute to achieving their desire to improve a healthy lifestyle. It has also become the ideal destination for many walking lovers.


The walkway is 2,500 meters long in one direction, 12 meters wide, and has an area of ​​30,000 square meters. 355 large trees and 13,500 small trees have been planted on both sides of the walkway, and the track is being equipped with sports equipment, special sidewalks, Internet service, and private sessions.

The pedestrian track project on Zubaida Road represents one of the qualitative initiatives directed at enhancing the lifestyle in Rafha Governorate. Additionally, it works to encourage the community to practice walking, and it also represents the cultural face of the governorate.

ممشى طريق "زبيدة".. وجهة مثالية لتعزيز جودة الحياة في محافظة رفحاء - جريدة المدينة

The Municipality of Rafha focused on enhancing the quality of life and improving the urban landscape to meet the aspirations of visitors. Furthermore, this was done with an inclusive vision for all segments of society, including men, women, and children.


الحدائق والمواقع الترفيهية بمحافظة أبو عريش وجهات سياحية مميزة تجذب المتنزهين - مجلة السياحة العربية

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