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YouTube responds to Saudi Arabia’s request and removes the offending ads

YouTube platform reacted quickly to Saudi demands regarding the removal of ads that contradict Islamic values ​​and principles

The spokesperson for the platform in the Middle East confirmed that the inappropriate ads that appeared on its site had been removed.

Yesterday, Sunday, the General Authority for Audiovisual Media and the Communications Commission in Saudi Arabia issued a joint statement, calling on YouTube to remove the offending ads.

they described it as “contrary to Islamic and societal values ​​and principles”, against the background of complaints from users about “inappropriate advertisements”.

The YouTube video-sharing platform, owned by Google, quickly removed these offending ads, in response to what was stated in the statement.

The statement warned the platform that if the infringing content continues to be broadcast, the necessary legal measures will be taken following the audio-visual communication and media regulations.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the accounts of advertisers who violated the platform’s policies, which he described as strict, have been closed,

He added that “protecting society is one of the platform’s top priorities in Saudi Arabia and around the world.”

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