Najran’s camels shine in the Mafarid race

Najran’s camels were distinguished in the lead in 5 out of 14 races on the fourth day of the Mafarid races during the morning period as part of the preliminary rounds of the Crown Prince Camel Festival 2022.

 “Hamiyat” won in the first half, “Julmud” in the second half, and “Rahiya” in the ninth, owned by Hadi bin Saleh Al-Yami.

In addition, “Mabsharah” won by Mani’ bin Faraj Al Rizk, first place in the fifth round, and “Masah” by Saeedan Hadi Al Rizk took the lead in the second half.

The title of the fastest

“Ajayeb” by Jaber Misfer Al-Ajmi grabbed the title of the fastest to reach the finish line with a record time of 3:01,785, achieving first place in the thirteenth morning half of the Al-Bakkar category.

 The rest of the results in the other rounds were as follows: “Al-Azoom” by Falah Al-Jalawi Al-Ajmi, “Sayeb” by Muhammad Hamad Al-Marri, and “How” by Khaled Abdullah Al-Shamri.

 After that, “Samha” by Awad Najm Al-Atwi won, and“The Stubborn” by Ayed Hammad Al-Faydi, then “Raheeb” by Rumaih Radi Al-Shamri, then “Najm” by Alloush Rajis Al-Dosari.

 Finally, “Mozah” by Saleh Rashid Al-Nabit won first place in the fourteenth-morning session.

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