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Yemeni army repels a “Houthi” attack west of Taiz

The National Army and the Popular Resistance in Yemen foiled an offensive by the Iranian Houthi militia west of Taiz before daybreak Wednesday, inflicting serious losses in lives and equipment on it.

According to a military source, “the Houthi militia attempted an offensive in the al-Anin front to try to reclaim some of the places it had lost in the previous days, but the army and the resistance were on the alert for it.”

He emphasized that the confrontations concluded with the Houthi militia retreating after killing at least 15 of its troops and injuring more than 20 more, as well as losses in military equipment.

Several critical points overlooking the line connecting the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah have been liberated by army units in recent days, with direct help from coalition planes to reinforce legitimacy.

The army and resistance troops also made significant advances south of Marib and were able to successfully detour towards the Umm Reesh camp in an attempt to entirely shut off the final Houthi supply routes towards the sandy axis.

On Wednesday, the Yemeni army confirmed the destruction of two Houthi militia command and control centers and military vehicles in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of the nation, by airstrikes by Coalition to Support Legitimacy soldiers.

According to the information office of Yemen’s Fifth Military Region, coalition jets performed three air assaults targeting Houthi militia installations east of Haradh, destroying two command and control centers and an armored vehicle.

According to the center, coalition fighters carried out air attacks against Houthi militia defenses north of Al-Jar farms in the Abs area, as well as command and control facilities in Haradh.

The operations also destroyed a command center, a tank, militia gatherings, and military patrols “military personnel.”

Furthermore, the army’s artillery in the Fifth Military Region struck militia positions, resulting in casualties among the Houthi militia.

While coalition troops continued to undertake extensive operations against the Houthi terrorist militia’s sites, mechanisms, and targets in numerous regions of Marib, the Houthi militias struck residential zones in the city with two ballistic missiles, incurring civilian and private property damage.

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