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The Cornerstone of Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Public Prosecution confirmed that it updated its policies toward women’s rights by creating a protection system from abuse strengthens a set of guarantees to eliminate violence cases against women and establishes a package of criminal procedures and penalties that are firm and strict.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In order to raise the quality of women’s rights, the Public Prosecution explained that the system prohibits all forms of violence against women physically, psychologically, or sexually abuse or threaten them.

The Public Prosecution added that part of the women’s rights is to forbidden committing any form of violence or to transgress towards women for any reason or by any person, including her guardianship, family member, sponsor, or any person with any form of relationship.

Women’s Rights in Saudi

It was indicated that women’s rights are very crucial in a way that if the rules were braked in any form, the penalties for these transgressions are imprisonment for a period of not less than a month and up to a year, and a commitment of not less than 5 thousand riyals and up to 50 thousand, with doubling the punishment.

This step came as a response to all the cases that have been raised in courts by the women asking for justice. It is considered the cornerstone of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia for many years.

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