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Ways of celebrating Prophet Muhammad PBUH birth in Arab countries

Muslims in Arab and Islamic countries celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, and accordingly, customs and traditions differ in the aspects of celebration for each country.

Various aspects of celebration in the Arab countries

The aspects of celebration differ in the Arab countries, but the goal is one, which is to celebrate the birth of the Prophet, and we show you the aspects of the celebration in the following lines:

Manifestations of celebration in Egypt

The Mawlid sweets are considered to play the main role, strongly on this occasion , and it is one of the customs and traditions of the Egyptians in buying the sweets of the birth, and it’s sale of begins a month before the date , so that everyone can buy it before it runs out.

Manifestations of celebration in Algeria

The celebration of the Prophet’s birthday represents the identity of the Algerian people, as it begins as soon as the sun sets and all families gather in Algeria to eat their favorite food, and eat sweets after food.

 The Algerians celebrate this occasion in the midst of the light of candles and the scent of amber that hardly any Algerian home is without, on this holiday.

Manifestations of celebration in Jordan

The Jordanian people celebrate the Noble Prophet’s birthday since the beginning of the month of Rabi’a al-Awwal.

Manifestations of celebration in Pakistan

The Pakistani people celebrate the Prophet’s birthday by playing and marching in the streets, chanting slogans and religious songs and hanging adornments, as well as distributing food to the poor and needy.

Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt are among the Arab countries that grant the Prophet’s birthday as an official holiday for the country, in addition to organizing celebrations to commemorate the Prophet’s birthday, recitation of the Holy Qur’an and religious songs.

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