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Date harvest season begins in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing the date harvest season, and dates are one of the most important products that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supplies to several countries around the world.

That is because of the quality and diversity of the Saudi dates, they are keeping in the palm trees and providing care for them until the fruit-harvest season.

It’s a hobby that outweighs the profession inherited from generations as one of the most important cultural heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said that the Kingdom is ranked second in the world in terms of date production, by 17% of global production.

According to data disclosed by the National Center for Palms and Dates in the Kingdom, last March, Saudi exports of dates achieved annual growth, recording revenues of 865 million riyals ($ 230.6 million).

According to the statistic, the value of Saudi dates exports increased by 14.6% during 2019 compared to 2018, reaching about 865 million riyals, while in 2018 it achieved exports worth 755 million riyals (201.3 million dollars).

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