Vivaldianno musical keeps Jeddah audience mesmerized


JEDDAH — Jeddah Season’s arts festival kicked off with 3D international show Vivaldianno, which is being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

The show, which runs until June 11, will present a play that narrates the agony and hopes of the genius musician Antonio Vivaldi through a creative show that combines music with 3D art and the performance of the Vivaldianno orchestra of international stature.

This arts show is an example of Vivaldi’s creativity — a performance pulsating with life, 3D animation, modern dances and laser shows. All these narrate Antonio Vivaldi’s story of hope and loss.

The international Vivaldianno shows depict a modern experience derived from “wig art” that dates back to an ancient period in the history of Western culture.

It came into being through the innovation of a new method in understanding modern art.

These shows are quite popular in many countries and have won a lot of prestigious prizes.

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