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Users of the Saudi “Tawakkalna”App reach 23 million

As part of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority’s (SDAYA) attempts to support government efforts to combat the developing Coronavirus “Covid-19,” new statistics indicated an increase in the number of people using the “Tawakulna” app in Saudi Arabia, which has three stages.

The first phase’s goal was to assist in managing the process of electronically issuing permits during the curfew period, as well as to continue the operations of government and commercial agencies.

It also aims to make it easier to detect health cases by assigning a color to each one to aid in the visual sorting process, since the number of requests for a movement permit has surpassed 27 million.

The second phase of the “Tawakulna” application journey, titled “Containing the pandemic and returning to live safely,” was designed to support Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation and to make life easier for citizens and residents who returned after the curfew; to contain the pandemic and return with caution to ensure the community’s safety.

The third phase included the title “Towards a promising technical development… with various services to facilitate the lives of citizens, residents and visitors”, in which the “Tawakulna” application witnessed a global expansion, and it was afterlife returned to normal.

The third phase witnessed a role in building strategic partnerships, providing value-added services, and expanding around the world.

The number of its users exceeded 23 million, and the application included more than 100 services, more than 25 strategic partners, and the application was made available in more than 75 countries around the world.

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