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US-led coalition “clashes” with a drone over Syria

The US Department of Defense said last month that it was deeply concerned about attacks against US personnel in Syria and Iraq.

The US military said a US-led coalition fighter jet shot down a drone in eastern Syria on Saturday after it was deemed a “threat”.

The coalition spokesman, US Army Colonel Wayne Maroto, said: “The coalition aircraft succeeded in engaging and shooting down a drone near the base of the Green Village.”

The Pentagon said last month that it was deeply concerned about attacks on American personnel in Syria and Iraq, after targeting American diplomats and forces in three missile and drone attacks that wounded two US soldiers.

Last July, the international coalition destroyed a “drone air system” that targeted its forces in northeastern Syria. ” coalition forces responded to and destroyed an unmanned aerial system in the forces’ area of ​​operation in northeastern Syria,” Pentagon spokeswoman Jessica McNulty said.

She added, “We cannot discuss the details of the protection of the forces further, but no casualties among US soldiers or any damage were recorded.”

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