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US says Houthis attacks put Saudis and 70,000 American residents at risk

The US Embassy in Riyadh strongly denounced the offensive launched by the Houthis across the border last night in Saudi Arabia’s Jazan area on Saturday.

The embassy stated on Twitter that the Houthis strikes prolong the conflict and the suffering of the Yemeni people. It also endangers the Saudi people and the more than 70,000 Americans who live in the Kingdom.
“We urge on the Houthis to halt their irresponsible assaults on Saudi Arabia and to participate in diplomatic efforts to end the war in Yemen,” the statement said.

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced (Friday evening) the death of a Saudi citizen and a Yemeni resident as a result of the fall of a projectile fired by the Houthi militia on Jizan, while Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Hammadi, spokesman for the General Directorate of Civil Defense, said 7 civilians were injured.

Shrapnel also destroyed two stores and 12 automobiles, according to the report.

Earlier on Friday, the coalition stated that an enemy missile had dropped in one of Najran’s border towns to target civilians, in addition to the projectile falling on an industrial workshop in Samtah in the Jazan region.

It also verified that the two hostile efforts in Najran and Jazan were fired from Saada, implying that in response to the danger, the coalition will conduct airstrikes to deal with the source of the threat.

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