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US Navy seizes 1000’s of Iranian weapons on way to Yemen’s Houthis

The US Fifth Corps said Wednesday that an Iranian weapons shipment was intercepted on its route to Yemen through a fishing vessel unflagged by any country in the northern Arabian Sea.
According to the statement, the consignment contained 1,400 AK-47 rifles and 226,000 rounds of ammunition, which were confiscated by the Navy and Coast Guard during a flag check.
The front of the US destroyer “USS O’Kane” was covered by a destroyer of guided missiles, guns, that was discovered after it was launched.
“It was decided that the ship, which does not belong to any country,” the Fifth Corps claimed, “left Iran and entered international seas along a corridor that has previously been utilized to illegally carry suspected Iranian weapons to the Houthis in Yemen.”
Transferring weaponry to the Houthis, who are battling Saudi Arabia, is a violation of Security Council mandates and US sanctions.
While the fishing vessel sunk, the crew members recognized themselves as Yemeni citizens and were transferred to Yemen.
Thousands of weapons, including anti-tank guided missiles, RPGs, and other weaponry, were confiscated by the Combined Naval Forces and Saha Guards in the same region in May.

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