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US considers imposing new sanctions on the Houthis

US President Joe Biden is considering imposing new sanctions on the Houthi group in Yemen and its leaders. This was in response to its recent escalation of cross-border attacks with drones and ballistic missiles targeting the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the Associated Press reported.

It indicated that US officials are studying financial measures targeting the Houthis and their leaders, with the possibility of imposing new sanctions this week, in response to three attacks carried out within days on the UAE.

The Associated Press reported that US officials are seeking to “reassure” strategic allies in the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, that they will provide defense support to them.

Last week, the US announced that it would send fifth-generation fighter planes and a destroyer carrying guided missiles to support the UAE, following missile attacks carried out by the Houthi group in Yemen.

It said US officials appeared to be surprised and frustrated at the insistence of the Iran-backed Houthis to continue the fight.
“America will support our friends in the region,” Biden told reporters after Monday’s attacks.

On Monday, the UAE intercepted a ballistic missile in the third attack of its kind in two weeks, for which the Houthi group claimed responsibility.

The Houthi attack did not affect air traffic or Emirati airports, according to the UAE Civil Aviation Authority.

A week earlier, attacks claimed by the Houthi group had targeted civilian targets, including Abu Dhabi International Airport, which resulted in the explosion of 3 oil tanks, killing 3 civilians, injuring 6 others, and sparking international condemnation of the Houthi group.

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