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A Saudi traveler documents beauty of sunken ship’s site on Treasure Island

As if approaching a painting about Treasure Island, Saudi traveler Muhammad Al-Wahbi was able to take shots of the sinking ship “Georgios G” and chronicle them with professional photos.

He told that he enjoys shooting nature and documenting its peculiarities and that he intended to document this light painting of “Georgios G’s” whereabouts.

Georgios G”, the Greek ship that ran aground 40 years ago in Tabuk, on the shore of the Bir Al-Mashi region in Haql Governorate, near Jordan’s border.

He stated that the ship’s history began as a cargo carrier until its stranding and that it was built in England in 1949, three years after WWII ended.

Al-Wahbi went on to say that he examines all of the tourist information about a location before going there to pick what he wants to photograph on his trips.

He claimed that he had read a lot about this ship and that he wanted to go see it now that it was sinking on the shores of a field.

He went on to say that his optical archive contains thousands of photographs of the Kingdom’s most notable landmarks, ancient sites, and unexpected locations.

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