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UK describes Saudi Arabia as a leading country in the energy transition

The UK describes Saudi Arabia as a leading country in the energy transition

The UK has expressed its support for the Saudi pioneering green initiatives, valuing the prestigious position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the leader in the production and export of crude oil in the world, which represents global energy security.

Addressing the audience in a video conference, Prince Charles of Wales said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Kingdom’s leadership in the energy transition is of pivotal importance, but I can only say that it is very encouraging to see Saudi Arabia’s insistence on diversifying its energy sources.

UK’s crown Prince indicated that practical projects on the ground are helping to revive the potential for transformation inherent in the green economy, there is no doubt that the regional initiative to plant billions of trees will be of great benefit for future generations.

He added, “While I have been stressing for many years the huge potential of the Middle East region to transform into renewable energy, including solar energy, wind energy, green hydrogen, carbon storage, and reuse, as these industries create tremendous economic growth and green job opportunities.” I commend Saudi Arabia’s leadership role in launching the Green Saudi Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative to contribute to transforming the Middle East into a green economy.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Saudi Arabia is moving forward with its resounding success in reducing emissions resulting from industrial economic development until it has become an example befitting its high position as the largest producer and exporter of crude oil with reliable low-carbon intensity.

Natural gas is the least emitting harmful gas that causes global warming and climate change. Britain can follow Saudi Arabia’s lead in its pioneering initiatives to preserve the planet from all energy emissions and industry in its various sectors. The Presidency of the 2020 G-20 summit in Riyadh praised and approved to work in Saudi approach in the context of the circular economy of carbon, including preventing harmful emissions and converting them into valuable products.

“We want to transform the UK to be like Saudi Arabia,” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the recent climate change conference, referring to the results announced in the International Energy Agency’s report on the Kingdom’s occupation of the highest ranks in clean energy transformations and its massive commitment to renewable energy by exploiting its vast natural wealth from the sun as a source of energy and green hydrogen.

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