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Late Prince Turki bin Al-Otaishan … Founder of Riyadh’s Police

Late Prince Turki bin Al-Otaishan … Founder of Riyadh’s Police

Full name: –

Turki bin Abdullah bin Turki bin Amer bin Otaishan bin Aba Hussein bin Ali bin Shabrama Al-Wahaibi Al-Tamimi.

His life

He was born in the city of Buraidah in 1909 and grew up there, where he learned the Qur’an and the principles of jurisprudence in its books.

 He practiced commerce since his youth, helping his father and older brother Muhammad, who are considered among the major merchants of Al-Aqilat.

Prince Turki bin Al-Otaishan accompanied his father to Iraq when he was fifteen years old and then settled in Egypt for some time to trade in cattle.

He returned to the Kingdom again in 1929 to join the Jeddah Police and then transferred in the same year to the Jeddah Border Force.

 King Abdul Aziz issued a decision to establish the Coast Guard Forces, led by Muhammad bin Otaishan and Turki bin Otaishan as his deputy, because this position requires diligent work, as they will monitor the coasts whose geography extends at a distance of approximately 2,810 km. its deputy leader.

He was appointed in 1933 as head of the King Abdulaziz Guard, then participated in the establishment of the Riyadh Police with his brother Muhammad, Al-Salem, and Al-Rawaf in 1935.

In 1948, he was appointed Emir of Ras Tanura, then took over the Emirate of Al Buraimi between 1952 and 1954, then director of the Labor and Workers Department in Sharqia until 1963, after which he returned to the Emirate of Ras Tanura until 1978.

In 1978, he was appointed Deputy Emir of the Eastern Province and continued in his position until he died in 1985.

Important Milestones in Prince Turki bin Al-Otaishan life

Turki Al-Otaishan hardly mentions the Al-Buraimi incident, which was the focus of the world’s attention between 1952 and 1954 due to the involvement of one of the leaders of the international powers at that time (Britain) in this issue and besieging Al-Buraimi for six months, during which it bombed the city and prevented the entry of any supplies to her.

During the siege, King Abdulaziz’s health condition deteriorated significantly, but his death prompted Saudi Arabia to accept the armistice with Britain.

After returning to Dammam, Turki supervised the affairs of the Buraimi tribes until the conflict was resolved in the seventies by dividing Al Buraimi into two parts, one part belonging to Oman and called Al Buraimi, and a part belonging to the Emirates and called Al Ain.

Turki also played a major role in solving the Saudi Aramco workers’ crisis in the 1950s.

He handled several sensitive files in the eastern region.

The eastern region’s princes from the Al-Jalawi family asked him to undertake the sensitive and important files.

His Death

He died in the city of Dammam in 1985 and was buried in its cemetery.

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