Through the Thought Prism of Female Expat: Life in Saudi Arabia

By : Hana Imširović

Friends and family from Europe often ask me a lot of questions about the life of women in Saudi Arabia and about my personal experience as a female expat.

The story that I am telling is authentic, based on three years of life in the Kingdom.

As a woman, I perceive and support an increasing number of Saudi women working in different sectors of society, pursuing their dreams while strengthening the new vision of their nation.
As a female expat, I am grateful and pleased to be given the space to develop my ambitions. The articles that I am writing about life in Saudi Arabia are all inspired by positive impressions and appreciation of the entire life experience of being here. The realization that my thoughts are well received among Saudi people, inspired me even more.

Such imprints in my mind and heart are further accentuated by new vibes of opportunities, especially in the tourism sector. To have a chance to explore Saudi untouched landscapes, many of which were not accessible until recently is extraordinary.

Additional advantage while discovering new sights is the feeling of all-encompassing safety and security which is for me, as a woman, of immense importance.

There is a palpable determination to achieve new goals through the process of making Saudi Arabia even stronger. Devotion to the Vision 2030. provides unique inspiration to Saudi nationals but also to expats, like me, which refer to this country as their second home.

About the Writer :

Hana Imširović was born on 29.12.1993. in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated International Relations and Diplomacy from the branch of Buckingham University in Sarajevo. Her extensive experience in the area of public relations and media was acquired while living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was organizer of trainings for young people as well as motivational speaker and writer. At the moment, Hana is living and working in Riyadh. She continued her practice of writing and has published various articles along with documentary episode about her life in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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