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Three Errors That Can Damage Smartphones

Technology is not always perfect, so you can experience different problems that you can solve by yourself. Cell phones may present faults sometimes and we know it can be a very stressful situation. That is why we decided to make a top 20 of the most common mobile phone problems and their solutions, so you can solve them without losing your head –and your money.

Of course, there are several troubles that are a bit more difficult to solve if you are not a technology expert. If you cannot do it by yourself, we recommend you take your mobile phone to an authorized service technician and hopefully, they will help you. So, we invite you to come with us and discover things that maybe you did not know about your cell phone.

  1. 1-     Slow Phone

This is something that everybody has experienced at least once. It is the most common mobile phone issue and it can be associated with old phones. However, newer devices can present the same problem. When your Random-Access Memory (RAM) is full of apps and files that you do not use or need, your phone tends to respond slowly.

The Solution: Clean your cell phone and close/delete apps, files and clear the cache data. If you recently installed an app and your phone is not working well, you should uninstall it and see if your mobile phone runs faster. If this does not help you, you can also try saving important information on Google Drive, Dropbox or just on your computer. Then, you can restore your cell phone to factory data.

2- Bad Battery Life

Another common problem that happens to everyone is when your phone never has enough battery although you do not use it all the time. There are different factors that can affect your battery life and you should take them into account before losing your battery.

The Solution: First, you should try to dim the screen brightness and turn off the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth if you are not using them. You can also enable the Battery Saving Mode and see if your battery lasts longer. Additionally, you should check your Battery Usage in your Phone Settings and see which apps are using more battery. You can close or disable the ones that are draining more battery if you usually do not need them.

3- Overheating Phone

This usual problem can be related to the previous one. An overheating phone is sometimes related to problems with your phone battery. But, it can also be related to your charger and also with the place you normally have your phone. If you are experiencing this, you should solve it soon because your battery and your phone screen can be seriously damaged.

Possible Solutions: You should try the previous possible solutions first to see if this problem is directly related to your battery issue. If it keeps overheating, try to carry your phone in a fresh place and keep it away from the sun’s heat. You can also give your phone some minutes to “refresh” and start using it again.

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