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Thousands of People in The Funeral of George Floyd

After the international event of George Floyd’s death, the city of Houston in the United States is gathering all the mourners at the funeral of George. His death has scattered all the hidden files and racist anger.

George Floyd was an African American citizen who was killed by a white police officer. The officer pressed his knee on George’s nick, and he did not give him a chance to breathe. This behavior has raised the anger of the international community.

The sorrow event of George Floyd’s death has turned the scale dramatically. The general opinion in America and different countries are asking questions of public justice, and many demonstrations have been made to lift the issue of human rights and racism.

As a result, lots of people have shown their sympathy for what happened. So, lots of people have joined the crowd to participate in the funeral. It came after two weeks of his death; people have aligned side by side at the grave place to greet him and have the last good-bye look.

The death of George Floyd has created and reactivated many political and social movements that are related to human rights, racism, and justice. These movements vary, such as “I Can’t Breath” and “Black Lives Matter.”

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