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The Pentagon withdraws from Afghanistan to confront Iran’s malicious behaviour

According to the Saudi newspaper Okaz, the Pentagon announced the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan for next September. The decision will allow the United States to confront Iran’s malicious behaviour. The withdrawal will also help in the issues the country faces with China, Russia and North Korea.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a media briefing at the Pentagon on 28 January 28 2021: “Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle’s exercises in the Arabian Sea confirm that Washington is taking its obligations seriously”.

He added that the initial plan for military withdrawal from Afghanistan includes at least some contractors, pointing out that the initial plans are subject to review, as he has no details on the number of contractors who will be withdrawn.

President Joe Biden talked about the subject to the Washington Post, rejecting calls for the troops to remain and ensure a peaceful solution to the Afghan conflict.

The war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of 2,448 US soldiers, and its costs have reached an estimation of US$2tri. The size of the US forces in Afghanistan reached its peak in 2011 when it exceeded 100,000 soldiers.

The Pentagon, spy agencies, and Western allies are planning to deploy a less visible but still effective force in the region to prevent the country from once again becoming a terrorist base. The new location of forces is under discussion, considering in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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