The last giant full moon of 2022 to appear in the sky today  

The fourth and last giant full moon will be observed this year on Thursday, August 11, when its apparent size will be about 8% larger.

The moon will be about 16% more luminous than the average, coinciding with the peak of the Perseid meteor shower in the sky of the Arab world.

 The giant moon will rise with sunset from the southeast horizon, where it will appear to be to the right of the planet Saturn,

It will reach the highest point in the sky tilted towards the south after midnight.

 The giant moon will reach the moment of fullness on the morning of Friday, August 12, at 4:35 am Mecca time (01:35 am GMT),

It will be at an angle of 180 degrees from the sun and will continue to decorate the sky until its sunset with the sunrise of Friday.

3 giant moons

 The “giant moon” is a description given to the new moon or the full moon when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth is 362,146 km.

 It is a term that refers to the scientific name “perihele moon” and this year, three giant moons were observed in May, June, and July, respectively.

perfect timing

This time of the month is ideal for seeing the radioactive craters on the moon’s surface through binoculars or a small telescope, unlike the rest of the terrain that appears flat as a result of the full moon in the sunlight

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