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The death of Saudi drama pioneer, Muhammad Hamza, and the artists mourn him

By Marwa Mahmoud

Saudi artist

At the same time, activists on social media platforms reported today the news of, Muhammad Hamzadeath, as the researcher and critic specializing in Saudi art, Muhammad Salama, published: “The great artist # Muhammad Hamza, the pioneer in the Saudi dramatic movement, died shortly before.”

The calls continued through the hashtag # Muhammad Hamza by the media and artists who circulated his pictures and mentioned his merits, so the actor Abdul Majeed Al-Rahidi wrote: “The mighty actor # Muhammad _ Hamza passed away today.

While critic Ibrahim Al-Munif tweeted, “The beautiful time is gradually fading away. Every day we lose a milestone that was a cause of happiness for us, and we used to schedule the day according to the timing of their appearance, and we used to enjoy what they present to the Arab world, despite the difficult circumstances. “

The Saudi actor, Muhammad Al-Zahrani, wrote: “The pyramid of Saudi drama is gone. He passed away after a long journey full of tender. Today, the Dean of Saudi Drama died.” Artist Fayez Al-Maliki tweeted: “There is no strength or power except with God. This is the fate of every living and the end of everything.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Muhammad Hamza was born and raised in Medina in the alley of al-Tayyar, then moved to the city of Jeddah, and was known for his targeted series, where he worked as an employee in civil aviation, then he went to acting and writing series, especially the drama, and he also produced them, he shared his sons with him in most of his works, namely Wael and Louai.

Among his most famous works are Wafaa wa Hoob, Azzab wa samt , Zefaf, Asabeaa Al Zaman series, and Laylat El Horoop.

He acted in a few works, but he used to take starring roles in them.

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