Taibah University Organizes Pioneers Program

Taibah University‘s branch in Yanbu, in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Institute, is organizing the “Taibah Pioneers” program. The program aims at encouraging ambitious ideas and entrepreneurial projects, reported Saudi Press Agency.

The program covers several areas including graduation projects, innovation, inventions, talents and arts, entrepreneurial ideas and projects, and scientific research.

It also includes workshops, scientific courses, field visits, and meetings with target groups.

Program’s Objectives

The program aims to attract innovators from among the university students and to motivate entrepreneurs, assisting them to transform their ideas into established projects.

Additionally, it seeks to develop an effective training model for the target groups and to enhance the spirit of competition among the students.

Protecting Wildlife

Taibah University organized a workshop on the implementation of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) agreement.

The university organized the workshop in cooperation with the National Center for Wildlife (NCW) International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), at the university’s conference hall.

The workshop aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the international trade convention. The overview covered endangered species of wild animals and plants covered by the agreement.

Furthermore, the workshop intended to train participants on how to handle cases of smuggling and illegal wildlife trade.

Moreover, it aimed to teach them how to deal with live creatures based on local legislations related to wildlife and the CITES agreement.


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