Tabuk’s Sports Branch Celebrates International Women’s Day

The Ministry of Sports branch in the Tabuk region, in collaboration with the Life Pulse volunteer team, held a dialogue seminar yesterday. This event was themed “The Voice of Women in the Corridors of Culture and Literature”, marking the International Women’s Day on March 8.

It featured a selection of intellectuals and women interested in the achievements of women in the Tabuk region. The seminar took place at the Literary Partner Cafe.

International Women’s Day, Discussions on Women’s Success

The International Women’s Day’s seminar explored stories of women’s success and their role in developing their communities. It also highlighted significant changes in women’s empowerment, guided by the wise leadership of the country.

Dr. Aisha Al-Hakami, the head of the Pioneers’ Office at Tabuk Education Amal Ayesh, the sports activist Mariam Al-Balawi, and the entrepreneur Mona Al-Huwaidi shared in this seminar

Dr. Hakami discussed the status of women in Islam, touching on the rights and duties Islam provides for women. Aayesh spoke about the national vision’s targets, which have contributed to empowering Saudi women.

In the sports realm, Al-Balawi mentioned the unprecedented developmental steps in women’s sports. These initiatives also improve life quality for all society segments and enhance women’s physical and social well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

In conclusion, the International Women’s Day’s seminar concluded with Al-Huwaidi’s talk on the entrepreneurship of Saudi women and its significant impact on accelerating the achievement of the Kingdom’s sustainable development goals. This dialogue also highlighted the multifaceted contributions of women to culture and societal development.

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