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Sudan thwarts military coup trial

Sudan thwarts military coup trial

Sudanese media announced, Tuesday, that a coup group tried to control power in the country, noting that “the security and military authorities thwarted this attempt.”

Media sources indicated that “the coup attempt in Sudan is being confronted in the armored area.”

While the Sudanese army announced that “a failed coup attempt has been brought under control.”

The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, confirmed that a special committee will issue quick decisions to dismantle the June 30 regime.

Abdullah Hamdok said: “Real urgent decisions will be issued to fortify the transition,” stressing that “the current partnership must be strengthened.”

He added, “We will speed up the completion of the transitional authority structures.”

He also indicated that “the coup attempt was preceded by planning by creating chaos in cities and closing roads in eastern Sudan.”

In a brief announcement, Sudanese television quoted Abu Haja, media advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, as saying that “the coup attempt to seize power was thwarted.”

Hamza Balloul al-Amir, a spokesman for the Sudanese government, confirmed that “at dawn, Tuesday, a failed coup attempt was brought under control by a group of armed forces officers from the remnants of the former regime.”

The Sudanese News Agency “SUNA” announced that “all those involved in the coup attempt have been arrested and investigations have begun.”

There were also reports that Major General Abdel-Baqi Bakraoui, commander of the Armored Corps, led the coup attempt, as the news pointed to “his continued control of the Armored Corps.”

It was also reported that “Major General Abdel-Baqi Bakraoui, the leader of the coup attempt, was arrested.”

Anadolu Agency quoted a member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Muhammad al-Faki, as saying that “those involved in the coup attempt have been arrested, and they are now being investigated.”

Anadolu Agency, quoting a Sudanese military source, also reported that “40 officers were arrested for their involvement in the failed coup attempt.”

A member of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council, the official spokesman for the council, called on his account on “Facebook”, the Sudanese to come out and defend the country against the coup d’état and protect the transitional period.

Before that, the Al-Sudani newspaper reported that “two tanks moved in front of the medical weapon and closed the road towards the old “Omdurman” bridge next to the parliament, with a heavy deployment of military forces in the area.”

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