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Sudan seeks Western support to mediate Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict

A Sudanese minister revealed the visit of an Ethiopian delegation to his country to discuss the purchase of more electricity generated in the neighboring country, despite the severe tension between the two countries in many files, the most important of which is the GERD dispute, the issue of the armed conflict over the Sudanese border area of ​​Al-Fashqa, and Ethiopian accusations of supporting the “Liberation Front” rebels Tigray,” which Khartoum denies.

Meanwhile, a large number of journalists are circulating about a Sudanese role that is being arranged to restore stability in Ethiopia, despite the declared Ethiopian rejection of the Sudanese initiative led by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

Sudanese Energy Minister Jaden Ali Obeid said that his government has begun discussing understandings with Ethiopia aimed at purchasing more electric power, in continuation of the old talks on the file, which were reinforced by the recent increase of an Ethiopian delegation to the country.

Jaden, who was speaking to reporters at the “Cup of Tea” forum, which is organized periodically by the independent newspaper Al-Tayyar, added that the construction of the Renaissance Dam is beneficial for Sudan and that the dispute between the two countries is only the issue of exchanging information, and ruling it in a binding legal agreement.

Despite the Sudanese side repeatedly asserting that the GERD brings them many benefits, the Sudanese government seems “incompatible” in the actual position on the differences with Ethiopia.

As for the position of the “military partner” in the transitional government, it is closest to the most strict Egyptian position on the GERD, about the remarkable development in military relations between the two countries, joint exercises, and the “sharp” tone issued by both parties, in addition to the complexity of the situation on the borders between the two countries on the Al-Fashqa area, which the army has taken it back since last December.

Hamdok adopted a draft initiative to resolve the internal Ethiopian conflict through negotiation, but the official Ethiopian response was shocking, as Sudan was considered a “non-neutral party” in the armed conflict between the Tigray Liberation Front and the forces of The Ethiopian Federation.

Due to its proximity to the entanglements of the Ethiopian file, many observers believe that Sudan will play a pivotal role in achieving stability in the neighboring country, which is threatened by fragmentation, which prompted Western and African officials to stop at Khartoum.

The website “Africa Intelligence” indicated that the military partner, led by the head of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, possesses tools of pressure on the Ethiopian leadership, without naming these tools, but it indicated possible contacts between the Sudanese army and the Tigray rebel forces.

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