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CNN reporter Clarissa Ward interviews ISIS leader in Khorasan

CNN’s chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward, interviewed a leader of the ISIS-Khorasan branch who claimed to have up to 600 Afghans, Pakistanis, and Central Asians under his command.

In her video report published today on the network’s website, “Ward” said, she expressed her astonishment at his ability to move through security barriers in the city controlled by the Taliban, and movement is not a problem for him.

Abdul Munir says, as he likes to be called, according to Ward, that the organization was always present and hidden from view, waiting for the right time.

In a seemingly high self-confidence, Abdul Munir did not mind filming his arrival at the hotel.

Abdel-Munir agreed to talk to CNN, which had been in contact with him for some time, on the condition that his image was hidden, and his hands appeared smooth, with light tan skin and a slender body.

He said that he was fighting with the Taliban, but they fell victim to external influence and were not loyal to us in terms of belief and Sharia, so we went to ISIS.

Abdul Munir, who accepted an interview with the chief correspondent for “CNN” with her bare face, criticized the Taliban because they do not always adhere to the limits of Sharia and are influenced by others.

He said, “He who is with us in our approach is a brother to us, and other than that, we declare war on him.”

In answer to the question of whether he and his group carried out field executions and suicide operations?

He mentioned one accident when the organization captured elements of the Pakistani Taliban coming from “Nazian” and during the fighting, the organization captured five Taliban, and he was very excited about this “achievement” as they hit the prisoners’ heads with axes.

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