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Speech of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

– The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques king Salman confirms the Kingdom continuation in Jerusalem to the Palestinian side of its independent state and its capital.

King Salman focused on the following points :

Saudi Arabia heads the G20 as its economy, which affects the stability of the world economy.

During the G20 summit, we look forward to finding solutions to the pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

Attempts from the awaited road forces

Regional powers seek to spread their extremist ideology to serve their own interests.

– We strive hard to serve the Two Holy Mosques.

We are working to complete huge projects to facilitate the performance of pilgrims and Umrah performers.

We were keen to establish the ritual of Hajj under the exceptional circumstances of Corona.

Saudi Arabia acted early to besiege Corona and proved its concern for human safety.

We were able to reduce the economic and health impact of the Corona crisis.

– We allocated more than 218 billion riyals to support the private sector during the Corona crisis.

We supported the health sector during the Corona crisis with 47 billion riyals

We provided medical aid and supplies to a number of countries to confront Corona.

– Saudi Arabia has been keen, since the establishment of OPEC, to stabilize global oil markets.

Saudi Arabia is working to ensure stable oil supplies to the world.

Vision 2030 is a road map for a better future that has contributed to achieving achievements.

Vision 2030 has contributed to improving government services and raising the percentage of ownership in housing.

Vision 2030 worked to empower women and developed entertainment, sports and tourism.

– Saudi Arabia confirms the seriousness of the Iranian regional regime’s project.

The Iranian regime interferes in the countries of the region, supports terrorism and extremism, and fuels sectarianism

The Iranian regime is carrying out its extremist projects through its various branches.

A firm stance should be taken by the international community towards the Iranian project.

A radical treatment should be found to ensure that Iran does not acquire weapons of mass destruction.

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia continues to violate international laws.

We affirm the support of the Yemeni people so that Yemen can regain its sovereignty from Iran’s hegemony.

Saudi Arabia stands with Iraq and its people

– The Kingdom has made great efforts over the past decades to achieve security and stability in Lebanon and to develop it.

We support the efforts to preserve the unity of the Syrian soil and the exit of militias and mercenaries from it.

– We call for an end to external interference in the Libyan affairs.

– The Kingdom renews its welcome to the signing of the joint Libyan military committees of the permanent ceasefire agreement.

We stress the importance of supporting Sudan at the present time.

Saudi Arabia rejects any attempt to interfere in its internal affairs

Saudi Arabia rejects terrorism and extremism and fights its financing.

Saudi Arabia has provided $ 86 billion in humanitarian aid to 81 countries.

We will continue our approach to combating and eliminating corruption in order to preserve public funds.

– We continue to announce all corruption cases and investigations transparently

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