SMC Announces Partnership with Webook

SMC announced a partnership agreement with Webook platform. It is a comprehensive online platform for booking tickets to activities, events, entertainment, and sports experiences in the Region. Under the agreement, SMC will exclusively handle the sales and marketing of all commercial rights on the platform.

The signing ceremony took place at SMC’s headquarters in Riyadh, with senior representatives from both companies were in attendance. SMC CEO Khalid AlKhudair and Webook CEO Nadeem Bakhsh signed the agreement, solidifying the partnership.

Fruitful Partnership

This partnership will significantly expand the reach of advertisements. It will provide enhanced opportunities for promoting products and services and increasing brand visibility. Webook has established itself as a leader in the ticket booking industry throughout the globe, offering a pioneering and essential experience for users throughout the Globe.

The platform covers a wide range of events, including Riyadh Season and competitions. Moreover, it covers theatrical performances, diverse shows, exciting adventures, sporting events and tourist attractions.

SMC CEO Khalid AlKhudair emphasized that the agreement represents a strategic and crucial step in strengthening SMC’s presence in the digital advertising market. He stated, “This partnership enhances SMC’s position as a leading company in the media industry and reflects our commitment to expansion and innovation in the field of commercial advertisements. It will enable our clients to reach a new and diverse audience.”

“We are proud to partner with Webook, an entity that has grown to almost 4 million users in a very short space of time, and we look forward to working with them.”

On the other hand, Webook CEO Nadeem Bakhsh affirmed that the partnership reflects a clear vision for the future and contributes to the advancement of modern trends in the advertising industry. “Webook offers excellent opportunities for companies to deliver their advertising messages effectively and directly to their target audience.”

The agreement underscores SMC’s leading role in media investments across various sectors, such as entertainment, tourism, sports, and culture. It aims to leverage SMC’s pioneering strategies in the field to provide exclusive benefits to partners and the audience while opening new horizons in advertising services.

The partnership is expected to create fresh advertising opportunities. Moreover, it will enhance SMC and Webook‘s market position in the electronic ticket booking field in the Kingdom.

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