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SDAIA’s Chief Affirms Harnessing AI for Humanity

SDAIA, under the stewardship of Dr. Al-Ghamdi, has been instrumental in pledging Saudi Arabia’s commitment to harness the transformative power of AI for the betterment of humanity​​.

This commitment was reiterated during the AI Safety Summit, where Dr. Al-Ghamdi was an active participant​​.

SDAIA at Forefront

In the stride towards a safer application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), various stakeholders globally are aligning their resources and knowledge. A notable stride in this direction was witnessed during the AI Safety Summit held in Bletchley Park, North West London, from 1st to 2nd November 2023.

A key figure during this summit was Dr. Abdullah bin Sharf Al-Ghamdi, the chief of the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (Sadaya).

 Vision of Safer AI Future

During the summit, Dr. Al-Ghamdi emphasized on the potential of AI and called for a future enhanced by AI, ensuring it’s safe and beneficial for humanity as a whole​. The summit served as a platform to echo Saudi Arabia’s determination in ensuring a responsible and equitable deployment of AI technologies.

Call for Global Responsibility

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Ghamdi stressed the importance of global responsibility towards ensuring a safe and fair dissemination of AI technologies, standing on the verge of what many term as the AI revolution​.

His engagement in dialogues during the summit displayed a shared vision among global stakeholders towards a safer AI-enabled future.

The AI Safety Summit was a significant event that highlighted the collective responsibility and shared vision of global stakeholders in AI.SDAIA , with Dr. Al-Ghamdi at the helm, showcased Saudi Arabia’s resolve in leveraging AI for the greater good of humanity.

The discussions and commitments made during the summit are stepping stones towards a globally responsible AI ecosystem.

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