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Saudi Arabia Launches “Smarter” Event

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (Sadaya) has launched the Road to Smarter in partnership with the Ministry of Education and King Abdulaziz Foundation for Talent and Creativity in the presence of His Excellency the President of the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (Sadaya), Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi, and His Excellency the Director of the National Information Center at (Sadaya) Dr. Issam bin Abdullah Al-Walath, and a group of specialists in the fields of training, education, artificial intelligence in Riyadh.

The “Smarter” event is the first initiative of the National Olympics for Programming and Artificial Intelligence “Smarter” for middle and secondary students.

This event witnessed a large interaction of nearly 10 thousand students amid extraordinary performances that combined competition with inspiration in diverse educational entertainment templates.

Artificial Intelligence

“Smarter” featured different performances from the uses of artificial intelligence, its evolving future and its relationship with humanity, competitions that motivate this generation to move towards the world of advanced technologies and presented them with appreciative awards.

“Smarter” also included an inspirational speech from a student who has achieved a global national success in science and chemistry and a presentation on the National Olympics for Programming and Artificial Intelligence.

The event also saw the holding of enriching online competitions and games that develop creative thinking in finding software solutions using artificial intelligence, such as: Smart Keeper, X/O, Rocket League, with the participation of a group of next generation talents and professionals in electronic games.

The “Smarter” event aims to create a promising national generation of programmers and managers of programming and artificial intelligence technologies in a modern way.


Scientific Competitions

The Director of Competition Management in Badr Al-Mujrathi Talent stressed the importance of holding scientific competitions in all fields and the great value they add to the education system and contribute to the creation of a globally competitive citizen.

The launching of the National Olympics for Programming and Artificial Intelligence will contribute to spreading the culture of competitive programming among students of education, reflected in the upgrading of Saudi human capabilities in all technical fields.


National Olympics

The purpose of the National Olympics for Programming and Artificial Intelligence is to discover the outstanding general education students at these two stages in computational thinking to analyze and address the software problems of entering the field of artificial intelligence, as well as to build and empower the capabilities and competencies of today’s generation in programming and artificial intelligence, and to invest their intellectual abilities in solving complex problems and scientific competition at the International Olympics .

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