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Ajyad Association launches advocacy programs in Masjid al-Haram during Ramadan

The Call and Guidance Association Ajyad in Mecca launched more than 100 advocacy activists during this Ramadan.


The Ajyad activities consist of holding a series of Ramadan sermons, for ten minutes only, in the mosques of the Great Mosque of Mecca.


These activities are based on the directives issued to implement the precautionary measures from the Ministry.


These activities also include scientific lessons and remote lectures.


The association implements a number of electronic initiatives.


It also includes a distribution of Qurans translated into more than 27 languages through “The WhatsApp” app.


These advocacy programs come under the supervision of the branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the region.


The Call and Guidance Center in Mecca for the month of Ramadan also supervises these programs.


It is presented by a group of preachers, scholars, and official sheiks in the ministry.


Advocacy programs are also accompanied by the launch of many electronic initiatives such as electronic competitions and the production of video clips.


It also includes other awareness programs concerned with health precautions through specialized volunteer teams.


The association launches many volunteer opportunities through the official volunteer platform.


Ajyad Association


A da’wah association specialized in inviting and serving pilgrims, including citizens and communities in the Haram area.


It is a charitable, cooperative entity with an independent legal personality.


Ajyad is working in the field of calling to Allah under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources.


It operates within the scope of the Holy Mosque of Makkah and its adjacent neighborhoods.


The categories target pilgrims, Umrah performers, and communities living in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Grand Mosque.


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