Saudi Women Participate in Tourism Sector by 41% in Mecca

In an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel, Abdul Salam Al-Tuwaijri, Director General of Nationalization at the Ministry of Tourism, confirmed that women’s participation in the tourism sector reached 41% in Mecca.

Al-Tuwaijri also stressed the Ministry’s keenness to empower women.


عام 2023 شهد تضاعُف أعداد السعوديات الموظفات في قطاع السياحة.. إليك التفاصيل

He added that the tourism sector is one of the leading sectors in empowering women over other sectors, due to the distinguished work environment in that sector.

Recently, Saudi women have witnessed a growing participation in investing in the tourism field, by undertaking a number of activities, including tourism trips and tourist guidance to introduce distinguished cultural and historical destinations. They are also managing facilities and contributing to projects that preserve Saudi society’s resources.

تنوع في السياحة الشتوية في السعودية

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched several initiatives to support women’s empowerment in the private sector. These include “empowering women in the civil service and enhancing their leadership role” by increasing their participation in all government sectors and job levels.

Furthermore, the initiatives aim to invest in women’s energies and capabilities, expand their work options, and ensure equal opportunities between genders.

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