Saudi Wildlife: Possessing predators is illegal

The Saudi National Center for Wildlife Development explained that the breeding and acquisition of predators is contrary to the environmental system and the executive regulations for trade in fungal organisms, their products and derivatives.

This came in the background of the incident of a lion attack on his owner, killing him. Therefore, the breeding of predators inside homes and urban areas is considered a matter of a high degree of risk in terms of security. Consequently, it makes sense that importing predators for personal or commercial purposes is forbidden.

The Center calls on all predator owners to communicate with the Center to hand over their animals, so they can deal with their conditions in the best possible way. The organ also reminds those who have acquired the creatures to avoid falling within the framework of legal accountability after the expiration of the period of corrections in the environmental system. Any citizens and residents can submit the necessary reports if they have any information about breeding predators within the urban. This can be done by calling the emergency numbers (999) in all regions of the Kingdom and the emergency number (911) in the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Riyadh.

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