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Saudi Royal Air Force participates in “Cobra Warrior-2023” exercise in UK

The Royal Saudi Air Force participated in the “Cobra Warrior-2023” exercise, at Coninsby Air Force Base in the UK.


The Saudi forces participated with 6 “Typhoon” aircraft, as well as the air forces of friendly countries.


The commander of the Air Force Group, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Atallah Al-Osaimi, explained that this type of exercise aims to raise the combat readiness of the Air Force.


He pointed out that participation helps exchange experiences and enhance the efficiency of the air and technical crews.


“SPA” reported, that the Saudi air forces are carrying out the exercise maneuvers in a natural combat environment in the UK.


The maneuvers include electronic warfare, electronic jamming, support for surface forces, and avoidance of ground threats.


Al-Osaimi indicated that the preparations were carried out to the fullest extent, in order to appear in an honorable manner befitting the status of Saudi Arabia.

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