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Saudi photographer documents Medina’s minarets aesthetics

A Saudi photojournalist has documented the minarets of famous mosques in Medina, characterized by architectural models that differentiate from others across Saudi Arabia.

The inscriptions and shapes of the minarets in Medina are unique because they combine the Hijazi heritage with its colours and the old Islamic style.

Photographer Abdullah Al-Shamani began documenting minarets of Medina as aesthetic paintings eight years ago. He had already worked in other Medina-related photo projects, including farms and the mountains in Taiba, which combined the beauty of the place and Medina’s Islamic history.

Minarets: paintings of the world

In an interview with Al-Shamani with, Al-Shamani said: “I have practised photography since 2013 and received many certificates. One of them was presented by the Emir of Medina region after I covered the first trip of the Al-Haramain train in 2018.”

Several of his snapshots became famous on social media, spreading Islamic culture.

“These pictures are religious paintings for the whole world. They express the greatness of these sites and their position among Muslims,” he explained.

The beginning of minarets construction 

Medina witnessed the construction of the first minarets in Islamic history at the era of the Prophet Muhammad. Bilal bin Rabah used to call for prayers from the roof of the nearest house to the mosque.

The method continued until the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid bin Abdul-Malik era, who ordered Medina’s governor, Omar bin Abdul Aziz, to make a significant reform in the Prophet’s Mosque. 

Consequently, four minarets were built on each corner of the building, the firsts in Medina.

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