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Saudi-led coalition proves Hezbollah used Yemen to attack Kingdom

KSA-UAE-US-UK denounce Houthi escalation in Yemen

The Saudi-led Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen acquired evidence of the Houthis diverting Sanaa International Airport for military use as part of a qualitative intelligence operation in which they infiltrated the leadership pyramid of the Houthi terrorist movement.
The Houthis, according to the coalition’s spokesman, Brigadier General Turki al-Maliki, have converted Sanaa airport into training facilities and storage for firing missiles and booby-trapped planes against Saudi Arabia and within Yemen. During a press conference in Riyadh yesterday, he played a video showing a commander of the “Lebanese terrorist Hezbollah” giving instructions to Houthi Abu Ali Al-Hakim.
The Saudi-led coalition spokesperson warned against further escalation, emphasizing that Saudi citizens are a red line, and encouraged the Houthis to remove any armaments from civilian objects, stating, “We are the ones who select when and where we target these capabilities.” These terrorist leaders on the (Forty List) must be aware that we can track them down.”
Al-Maliki vowed to the Houthi leaders that he will give further intelligence evidence on the group’s employment, subordination to Iran, and terrorist Hezbollah’s directives, asking them to “prepare their breath and feet inside the streets of Sanaa or the headquarters where they assemble.”

Saudi-led coalition shows video of Hezbollah instructors

As part of the intelligence information gathered by the Saudi-led coalition through the circle close to the Houthi leadership pyramid, the coalition published another video in which a Hezbollah specialist instructs the Houthis to utilize booby-trapped drones inside one of Sanaa International Airport’s offices. “The Houthi movement has been infiltrated,” Al-Maliki says, “and we have countless data and proof that will be disclosed in due course.”

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