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Saudi journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Zaid dies with a heart attack

Saudi writer and journalist, Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Zaid, died after a cardiac arrest that occurred at dawn today, Sunday, after he recovered from many diseases that afflicted him recently.

Al-Zaid, who is over the age of seventy, has published more than 10 collections of poetry and has won many awards.

Al-Zaid won the “Best Broadcaster” award from the Saudi Ministry of Information in 1399 AH.

 He worked on implementing and reading the news bulletin on Saudi television and radio, and presented several cultural and literary programs in Riyadh.

He also worked in editing, publications and works, cultural and literary supervision, programs, public relations and linguistic correction.

He was an associate member of the “Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts” and the “Literary Club” in Taif, Jeddah and Qassim.

In poetry, his poems often emerged in their sad tone, as Al-Zaid’s sad life experiences reflected the death of his father and two brothers and the separation of some of his family.

 Among the most important topics of his poems are elegy, contemplation and complaint. Al-Zaid participated in many poetry and cultural seminars and evenings.

He also paid attention to “applied criticism” in constant journalistic angles through which he presented his theoretical insights.

 He worked on prose writings in some magazines and newspapers such as “Al Yamamah”, “Iqra”, “Al Sharq”, “Al Jeel” and others, and in local newspapers such as Al Jazeera, Al Riyadh, Okaz and others.

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