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Saudi Arabia-Israel normalization: Al-Mouallimi lays out Kingdom’s conditions

Saudi Arabia-Israel normalization: Al-Mouallimi lays out Kingdom's conditions

Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, laid out the Kingdom’s current conditions for normalizing relations with Israel on Monday, stressing that the kingdom will only normalize relations if it follows through on its peace initiative.

“We are ready to normalize relations with Israel if it implements the elements of the Saudi peace initiative that was presented in 2002, which calls for ending the occupation of all Arab lands that it occupied in 1967, establishing an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and granting the Palestinians the right to self-determination,” according to Al-Mouallimi.

Al-Mouallimi went on to say: “When this occurs, not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the whole Islamic world, including the 57 member nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, will join us. They will accept Israel’s recognition and establish diplomatic ties with it.”

Al-Mouallimi emphasized the importance of “Right and wrong do not alter over time. Regardless of how long it takes, Israel’s occupation of Palestinian areas is a mistake.”

He believes that settlements, siege, and denying Palestinians of their dignity and rights in the West Bank and Gaza are all wrong, and that “this does not alter.”

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