Saudi Health Ministry offers travelers six tips for effective Sanitization.

As summer approaches, Saudi travelers will flock to the Kingdom’s airports for their first international flights in more than a year.

For that reason, the Saudi government has taken some procedures to save the Saudis life. 

The Saudi Ministry of Health sent six tips to travelers about packing their bags and how to take preventive precautions wherever they go.

According to the Ministry of Health, the travel bag should include alcohol sanitizer, extra masks, snacks, and single-use food tools, as well as special personal items like a pillow, neck rest, or blanket.

It also noted the need not to share personal items with other people while traveling.

The Saudi Ministry of Health previously explained the importance of wearing a mask in public places, when near people you don’t live with, and in places like shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes.

The Ministry explained that wearing a muzzle will help you maintain your health and the health of those around you from infection with infectious viruses, especially the emerging coronavirus.

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