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Saudi Gov’t refuses U.S. criticism of OPEC+ quota cut decision

Saudi Gov't refuses U.S. criticism of OPEC+ quota cut decision

An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Kingdom’s government was briefed on the statements issued following the issuance of the OPEC + decision on the fifth of this October, and it expressed its complete rejection.


The statements included describing the decision as siding with the Kingdom in international conflicts and that it was based on political motives against the United States of America.


The Kingdom has completely rejected these statements that are not based on facts and rely primarily on trying to portray the OPEC Plus group’s decision outside its purely economic framework.


The Kingdom indicated that the OPEC decision was taken unanimously by all the countries of the group.


The Kingdom confirms that the outputs of the OPEC Plus meetings are adopted through the collective consensus of the member states, and no country is unique in it without the rest of the member states.


It added that the outputs are adopted from a purely economic perspective that takes into account the balance of supply and demand in the oil markets and limits fluctuations that do not serve the interests of producers and consumers alike.


It added that the OPEC Plus group takes its decisions independently following international organizations’ generally accepted independent practices.


The Kingdom explained that out of its conviction of the importance of dialogue and exchange of views with the US administration, all economic analyzes indicate that postponing the decision-making for one month, as was proposed, will have negative economic consequences.


The Kingdom’s government stresses that the attempt to obscure the facts regarding its position on the Ukrainian crisis is unfortunate and will not change its initial position and vote in support of the decisions taken regarding the crisis.


At the same time, the Kingdom affirmed that it does not accept dictates and rejects any actions or efforts aimed at altering the lofty goals it is working on to protect the global economy from the fluctuations of the oil markets.



It indicated that addressing economic challenges requires the establishment of a constructive, non-politicized dialogue, and a wise and rational consideration of what serves the interests of all countries.


It stressed that she views her relationship with the United States of America from a strategic perspective that serves the two countries’ common interests.


The Kingdom stresses the importance of building on the firm foundations upon which the Saudi-US relations were based over the past eight decades, namely mutual respect and the promotion of common interests.

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