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Saudi FM: We Aim to Build Bridges Between East and West

The Saudi Foreign Minister HRH, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, affirmed that his country and the Gulf states are working to build bridges between East and West. He pointed out that the international summits recently held by “Riyadh”, whether with China or with the US, represent an attempt to build bridges with the region’s global partners. He added that Riyadh’s focus on placing developing countries’ files on the international agenda. 

The Saudi FM indicated that the recent China summits come in the context of increasing cooperation with the largest trading partners, not only for Saudi Arabia but also all Arab countries. He pointed out that engaging in dialogue with the second-largest economy in the world is very important in continuing to build global partnerships that enable obtaining opportunities for prosperity and development for all. 

Saudi FM said during a session at the World Policy Conference in Abu Dhabi: “We held a wonderful series of meetings; three summits. The first being the usual GCC summit which focuses on continuous improvement and growth in cooperation among the Gulf countries. 

“We also announced a proposal for a renewed vision of the GCC, which is an updated version of King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s vision for the GCC program, in addition to the Gulf and Arab summits with China.” 

 The Saudi Foreign Minister ruled out his country from entering the labyrinth of polarization. He said: “Polarization is the last thing we need now. We have already witnessed many pressures on the global economy, inflation rates, and food security, and more polarization is not the only way to go. We have to build bridges and strengthen relations and areas of cooperation”. 

Saudi FM stressed that Saudi Arabia is the fifteenth largest global economy, and it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Prince Faisal bin Farhan said: “We are working during this year for the first time to reach a trillion dollars in gross domestic product. Our importance in the global economy is growing. The position of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries is to build bridges between the East And the West. We want to build and address all the challenges we face.” 

The Saudi FM added: “For us, our foreign policy is driven by our need to build sustainable prosperity for the Saudi people first, and for the peoples of the region and the world. We look forward to all opportunities to build on achieving these goals. That is only through cooperation, so we will follow those paths. 

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