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Saudi Falcons Club auction sales exceed SAR 500,000

The Saudi Falcons Club auction sales exceeded SAR 500,000 barrier after Shaheen’s chick was sold for SAR 88,000.


The total sales during the previous four nights reached SAR 521,000, compared to four hawks.


The fourth night of the third edition of the Saudi Falcons Club auction was held, on Saturday at the club’s headquarters in Molham (north of Riyadh). The auction will continue until November 15.


Tonight witnessed the sale of the Shaheen chick, offering the bear, to the two Taruheen, Muayad Al-Hamoud, and Ahmed Al-Hamoud, for the amount of SAR 88,000.


The Saudi Falcons Club offers many advantages to the Tareeh through its teams located in the regions (Eastern, Northern, Central, Western, Northwest, and Southwest).


The club teams receive the owner of the falcon in each region, while the club is also responsible for providing housing and transportation for falcon owners to the auction site.


The falcon is being offered in a competitive, direct, and fast auction that is broadcast on broadcast TV channels and broadcasts live to the club’s accounts on social media platforms, without the buying and selling process is subject to any fees.


After selling the falcon, the electronic partridge for falcons will be installed, in addition to issuing official documents to finalize the sale procedures.


The club announced the contact numbers of the auction teams in the regions through its official accounts on social media platforms.

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